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5 Best Materials for Patio Building

Best Materials for Patio Building

When it comes to materials for patio buildings, it all bottles down to these five materials. These are ideal for giving your outdoor space a unique look while withstanding the elements. When choosing materials, things like cost, location of the patio, your budget, and your courtyard’s size will help you find the best one for your project. Read on for the best materials for patio building. 

#1 – Concrete

Best for: minimal, modern, or contemporary patio styles. 

While concrete requires professional installation, it spans 20-30 years. It can easily resist rain, heat, and snow when poured correctly. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to extend the surface of their homes and have a solid structure to place grills tables or create an outdoor seating area. 

#2 – Pea Gravel

Best for: colonial patio styles and more garden-inspired aesthetics. 

Pea gravels have no lifespan as they can live on eternally if adequately cared for. They’re also affordable deck building material, especially for small patio spaces. Another selling point of pea gravels is that you don’t need professional installation to set them. They are available in different colors, so you can easily find one that matches your decor. 

#3 – Pavers 

Best for: anyone who wants to design their patio style.

Pavers come in different styles: concrete, brick, porcelain, and natural stone. They are more costly at first but require less maintenance and last longer than other materials. Their most significant advantage is the design versatility, as you can mix and match [avers to create a unique design. 

#4 – Brick

Best for: classic and traditional homes or new traditional home styles. 

While brick patios can be a hefty investment, they can last over 100 years when properly cared for. They require professional installation, but it could be a great DIY project if you know the installation. Brick gives a traditional and timeless appearance, but it can be used for both backyards and front patios to set the space for parking, outdoor seating, bungalows, and more. 

#5 – Stone

Best for: colonial, romantic houses with a Victorian style.

Out of the many materials for building patios, stones are by far the most expensive ones, but they also last over 100 years when cared for. Stone patios need professional installation to be done correctly as they must be fitted accordingly and paired by shape. Stones can become hot during summer or slippery after rain or snow, so it’s important to consider the patio’s factors and style before choosing. 

Geraldine Orentas is a guest writer from outdoor kitchen cabinet retailer, Werever.