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Certifications & Awards

Procopio Real Estate has become one of the most popular and respected real estate agencies in Onondaga County. We are committed to serving the people of our community and helping them find their perfect home. Our extensive knowledge and vast network of resources also help clients sell homes too. Our team goes above and beyond, and people are taking note.

Take a look at our list of Certifications & Awards below to see how we set ourselves apart from the competition.

CNY’s #1 Real Estate Team in Onondaga County—

With thousands of realtors in Onondaga County, competition is stiff. The team at Procopio is constantly improving and adapting their practices to get clients the results they want. Our professionalism, passion, and commitment propelled the team to be voted CNY’s #1 Real Estate Team in Onondaga County on We at Procopio are committed to being better every day, and that’s just one reason why we’ve received this award.