Zombie Mansion: Creative Real Estate Advertising

How do you sell a long-vacant Skaneateles mansion that's been so vandalized and caused so much trouble that town officials have started the process to tear it down?

Frank Procopio created and posted on Facebook a 30-second video titled "Zombie Mansion."

It starts with "Walking Dead"-like figures and an image of the mansion in the back accompanied by haunting music. That fades to add the words: 1819 Cherry Valley Tpk, Skaneateles, NY $231,300. It ends with his company's name with "blood" dripping over the logo.

"I'm about as unconventional as you can get,'' Procopio said. "When you are marketing a zombie property, what better way to get attention?"

Since he posted the marketing video, Procopio said he's received multiple offers on the mansion. At one point, there was even a bidding war, he said.

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