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Trusting Procopio Real Estate with your Liverpool property

Looking for a competent real estate agent in Liverpool, New York is as easy as it comes when you go with Procopio Real Estate. We’ve been family-owned and operated since 2011. The ins and outs of the Syracuse community are second nature to us, so you’re certainly in good hands. You’ll be dealing with the number one sales team in Onandaga County, with considerable buy and sell experience.

Before you even decide to put up your house for sale in Liverpool, New York, our agents are already raring to go and ready to help! The market can change at the drop of a hat, and you’ll need competent agents to guide you throughout the process so you can get the best deal possible for the best rates with us. To assist you, we’ve prepared a guided home buying map and assured services.

What it means to buy a property with Procopio Real Estate

Procopio Real Estate isn’t your average real estate agency in Liverpool, New York. Not only do we have a simple home buying process you can follow along with easily, but we also provide clear expectations of what we can achieve together with each transaction.

The Procopio home buying process

  1. Decide to buy a house
  2. Get pre-approved with a loan professional
  3. Meet with a real estate agent to find the perfect house
  4. Work with the agent to make an offer
  5. Be patient and take everything into account during the negotiation period
  6. Keep track of all dates from your agent
  7. Submit the loan to lender
  8. Conduct all the home inspections you need
  9. Review the appraisal and loan with your lender
  10. Remove all contingencies and make the final deposit
  11. Order and sign loan documents
  12. The signed loan documents will be sent to the lender
  13. Once the recording is final, the house is yours!


1. Expect full disclosure and a 100% honesty policy

There are a myriad of steps when it comes to a house for sale in Liverpool, New York. Given this, it’s important that you work with agents who believe in honesty and providing full disclosure of the process to their clients. Instead of pushing a deal along, our agents will report any red flags that come up.

2. We utilize the latest technology

With the help of our website, digital solutions, and CRM software, rest assured that your transaction will always be technologically assisted.

3. Our agents have extensive knowledge of the local market

Need to know if your property is near JT’s Creamery and Cafe or Heid’s? Or maybe you’re looking into a stimulating trip to the Liverpool History Museum? Our agents can take you through the best attractions and restaurants in Liverpool and they’ll certainly let you know if your property is near any hot spots!

4. You’ll always be guaranteed to talk to an agent

We pride ourselves in operating as a team with a flexible schedule, and we always make sure that an agent is available to talk to you! Property hunting on your own isn’t easy, and we guarantee that our team of experts will be ready to assist you when necessary.

5. Expect deals to be negotiated accordingly

We like to think our agents are negotiation sharks who love to think on their feet to produce top results. Trust us to fight for your best interests and leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the right price and property for you.

Now that you have an idea of what it means to be a buyer with Procopio Real Estate, you’re probably also wondering about what it’s like to be a seller. You might wonder about this aspect of our services and ask yourself: Will I be granted the same quality service on the selling side of things?

We will gladly answer in the affirmative to that, and we guarantee that your experience will be as satisfying.

Selling with Procopio Real Estate

Just like our detailed buying road map and expectation points with buyers, we also reassure our sellers of only the best kind of output and dedicated work from our real estate agents. If you’re asking, “How do I sell my house in Liverpool, NY fast?” then you’ve come to the right place! We guarantee homes sold in 43 days, so be prepared to make a profit quickly.

We also have our own detailed road map to follow for sellers who expect fast results for the most bang for your buck, as well as detailed seller expectation points so you know just what it’s like to have a Procopio Real Estate Agent help you take on the reins of selling your property for its best value.

The Procopio home selling process

  1. Find a realtor you can trust within the area
  2. Discuss local market strategies to see how your listing can stand out within the area
  3. Clean the interior and exterior of your property so it’s presentable to the market
  4. Execute your disclosures and listing agreement
  5. Place your home on the market
  6. You and your realtor can now place your marketing campaign in action
  7. The realtor presents offers and assists with negotiations
  8. Discover an offer that’s up to your standards and sign the purchase offer
  9. Go through any inspections needed
  10. Accept the buyer’s mortgage documents, if any
  11. Complete a final walkthrough of the purchase and sell your property


1. We can review and explain the pricing strategy

Here at Procopio, we are only out for the best possible deals for the buyers and sellers we encounter. Trust a New York real estate agent that their top notch negotiating skills can carry your proposition forward.

2. We adhere to coronavirus guidelines by the National Association of Realtors

We live in unprecedented times, and your safety is of prime importance to us. Our agents are competent with online tools that will help them schedule meetings remotely if needed, and rest assured that we will follow appropriate social distancing protocols even during physical visits.

3. We can help you photograph your property

Without a doubt, properties that have gone through professional photoshoots end up looking more attractive to buyers! We can help arrange a photographer for you and coordinate approvals for your property’s official photos.

4. We can help you negotiate the best price and terms

Finding the perfect balance between a buyer and seller’s expectations can be easily arranged with our experts.

5. Expect weekly feedback and reports

The journey to a successfully sold property is a short one with Procopio. Updates will come along every step of the way, and you won’t feel the least bit lost regarding the latest real estate trends in Liverpool.

With lots of middle and elementary schools to choose from, ideal spots for foodies, and safe paths for exercise, our agents can help you bring out the best in Liverpool while making the most out of your property as well. You’re welcome to work with us today.

Whether you’re an eager buyer or seller, working with family-oriented, New York-based professionals like our Procopio team can only guarantee a smooth process that leaves both sides satisfied. If you want to speak to any of our experienced agents, just contact our office by clicking this link. Good luck!