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Relocating To Syracuse Here’s What You Need To Know About The City!

Being a first time home buyer in Syracuse, NY can be pretty tough if you’re new to the city or living in New York in general. Lucky for you, finding the perfect reason to finally convince yourself to start buying a home in Syracuse isn’t particularly difficult, and the best property for you might be just around the corner!

Here are a few new things to discover about living in Syracuse:

Get Ready For Warm Summers And Cold Winters

Weather is a bit extreme in Syracuse, and expect particularly harsh winters filled with lots of snowfall and humid summers that will get you working up a sweat pretty easily.

Make sure that you have appropriate winter gear ready when you move, especially considering you might have to shovel snow off your porch.

More And More People Want To Live In Syracuse

If you think you’re part of a minority of people who want to build a life in Syracuse, you aren’t alone and will likely discover new neighbors moving in as well! CNY Central reported a whopping 70 percent increase in new Syracuse residents for a number of significant reasons.

So why did these new residents opt out of moving to a big city? The low cost of living is one reason, and job opportunities are present for them as well.

Syracuse Is A Great Location To Move To

The great thing about wanting to move to Syracuse is that if you want to look at other properties nearby apart from those in the city proper, you won’t have to look too far to find excellent choices.

Suburbs nearby include Fayetteville, Manlius, and Baldswinville are barely 20 minutes away. Because of how cheap Syracuse property can get, you can easily look for other properties nearby if you want to try being a landlord yourself. If other friends or family members are looking to live near you, you can recommend these nearby suburbs as well. The more neighbors you know and love, the better!

Syracuse Is Home To Many Diverse Residents

If you are a person of color or simply want to surround yourself with a diverse neighborhood, Syracuse might be the right place for you.

If you’re considering properties on the northside of Syracuse, you will find yourself surrounded with a bustling Italian-American neighborhood with some German residents to say hi to, as well! The city’s west side on the other hand, is home to Irish, Polish, and Ukrainian-American households.

It’s Relatively Easy To Commute In Syracuse

Although there is a shortage of bike lanes in Syracuse, it’s relatively easy to get on board with the public transportation system. The Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (CENTRO) carries more than 11 million passengers a year. In relation to Syracuse, you can count on this system to be linked to residential neighborhoods, shopping districts, universities, event spaces, medical facilities, and various employment districts.

Syracuse Is Rich In Cultural Spots

Looking for museums to visit with the whole family? Or maybe you want to see a jazz show on the weekend? You could be in the mood to watch a game, so is there a good place to hit up in Syracuse? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes!

Here are some of the cultural hotspots you can visit:

  • The Everson Museum of Art
  • The Stark Contemporary Art Space
  • The M&T Jazz Festival
  • The Carrier Dome (home to Syracuse Orange games)

Need More Info?

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Syracuse isn’t immune to typical rush hour traffic, but this is abetted by local highways like the Interstate 690 and Interstate 481.