Edward DePalma

Edward DePalma

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Today's real estate market is complex and changes rapidly. Consumers are highly educated and exposed to a great deal of information. When a client decides to buy or sell real estate in Syracuse, they should utilize a local area professional Realtor to assist them in maximizing their buying or selling potential.

Who is Eddie DePalma?
Eddie is a licensed real estate agent, loyal husband and loving father based here in Syracuse, New York. He is also a local restaurant owner and takes pride in absolutely everything he does. His hard work and great work ethic is unmatched!

Why use Eddie DePalma?
Eddie takes great pride in being a renowned realtor here in Syracuse, who is dedicated to finding the ideal living space for homebuyers and obtaining the best possible terms for seller's, helping them achieve peak market value.

In order to best determine how to approach a purchase or sale of a home, Eddie takes into consideration all aspects of a buyer or seller's needs. He benefits his clients by helping them understand the financial and business aspects of their own personal real estate transaction. He has a vast knowledge of the area and is there for you at any given time!