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Why Living In Syracuse Is A Great Option For First Time Home Buyers In New York

Many first-time home buyers look to living in Syracuse as a great place to settle down. One of the five cities that make up upstate New York, the Syracuse, NY lifestyle still makes itself known alongside their bigger siblings, New York City, Buffalo, Albany, and Rochester.

Boasting long, snowy winters, a close proximity to both nature and larger cities, a vibrant cultural and culinary scene, and of course, a long-standing and proud sports tradition, living in Syracuse is a great choice for a young professional looking to own their first home. Not to mention, the affordable real estate isn’t half-bad, either.

Is the Syracuse, NY lifestyle for you? Read on to find out.

Reasons Why Living In Syracuse Is A Great Option For First-Time Home Buyers In New York:

The Great Outdoors

Syracuse is paradise for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. No matter what time of year, nature-lovers can always find something to do.

The city is home to numerous state parks and lakes that people can visit year-round, particularly in the spring and summer seasons. Syracuse is also known for its forest trails, for anyone who enjoys a brisk hike or a leisurely stroll. For winter sports enthusiasts, the slopes are never far, and Syracuse is home to long, lovely winters.

Blending city life and nature together harmoniously, living in Syracuse is for anyone who wants the perfect balance between metropolis and Mother Nature.

Here are a list of lakes and parks to visit once you’ve settled in Syracuse:

  • Onondaga Lake Park
  • Green Lakes Perimeter Trail
  • Beaver Lake Nature Center
  • Green Lakes State Park
  • Murphy’s Island
  • Thornden Park

Culture And Cuisine

Syracuse is home to many unique cultures, each of whom have brought their cuisine and contributed to the city’s diverse restaurant scene. Boasting fresh markets and their own regional grocery chain, Wegman’s, Syracuse is also home to the famous salt potatoes, a popular side-dish in central New York.

Syracuse also has a number of well-known Italian, Mexican, and even Ethiopian restaurants. If you’re hungry for barbeque, Syracuse is where the very first Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurant was opened. From a biker bar to a cultural icon, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que could be your next favorite restaurant.

We haven’t even mentioned Chicken Riggies, Cornell chicken, and Mercer Dairy’s wine ice cream. A veritable feast awaits you in your new life in Syracuse.

Affordable Housing And Livability

Syracuse has been lauded as a highly affordable city to live in. A stable annual income is enough to live comfortably in the city, and this has a lot to do with their low-priced housing market. For first-time home buyers, Syracuse is an ideal place to buy your first house, where the average home is priced at around $88K.

Mortgages are very low in Syracuse, ideal for anyone looking to buy their first home. While some houses do sell for as high as $700K, this makes up only 1% of the city’s real estate. Apart from being a great place to live, Syracuse’s affordability is what makes it so attractive to young professionals and families purchasing their first homes.

The city’s commute also makes it appealing, as its size allows citizens to travel quickly in their cars. Syracuse is also home to great schools. While primarily known as a college town, the city also has excellent local public schools.

Syracuse could be just the place to begin your next chapter.

A Growing Job Market

Apart from the great outdoors, the culture and cuisine, and the affordable housing, Syracuse also has a growing job market that attracts young professionals hoping to further their careers.

There are abundant opportunities in the engineering, medicine, and education sectors, and for entrepreneurs, Syracuse has many opportunities to start your business. Tech start-ups have also begun cropping up all over the city. Affordable housing allows young professionals to earn the income they need to invest in capital and begin their own success stories, all with a new home and a fresh start in a new city.


Is the Syracuse, NY lifestyle for you? If you’re a first time home buyer planning to purchase a home in Syracuse, we’d love to be of assistance.

If you are currently living in Syracuse and would like to put your property up on the market for a new homeowner to start their next chapter, we can help you as well. Contact 315-928-5394 or visit our website to learn more.